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From music videos to web series, Cali Green has helmed multiple productions.



Cali Green has helmed content production including music videos, branded content, web series, and more. Clients have included Ryan Coogler, Hannibal Buress, and Okayplayer.


White Dave
Executive Produced by Ryan Coogler + Cali Green
Produced by The Mill

Cali helmed all planning, scheduling, budget, and travel needs for this music video produced in collaboration with The Mill. Filmed at the Coogler family’s home in Richmond, CA and featuring an appearance from NFL star Marshawn Lynch, the utmost care and precision were necessary in this production. Location scouting, overseeing several crew including The Mill’s team of videographers and producers, and managing production schedules were all key aspects of this two-day shoot.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: “Screen/Play Presents: Under the Cherry Moon” (Teaser)
Featuring Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson
Executive Produced by Cali Green

Cali executive produced and conducted the interview for this teaser clip that is part of a longer, 11-minute conversation with Questlove. The video schedule required coordinating a visit to NBC Studios to film Questlove during downtime from '“The Tonight Show.” In the clip, he shares his Prince memorabilia for the first time ever on camera.

BRANDED VIDEO PRODUCTION: Soundpapered - Robert Glasper Trio | A.T.L. content
Produced by Cali Green

Extensive planning, scheduling, and following a strict budget went into creating this branded video content, specified to be under two minutes. The concept was to share the musicians and the artwork in union to promote both for the client. Talent management, musicians, the artist hired to draw the images, a videographer/editor, and two photographers were all included in most phases. With production schedules, venue agreements, talent releases, and on-site execution, the project required two weeks to properly schedule and two video edits to meet the intended goal and client’s approval. Music licensing later became an unexpected issue, but not one that couldn’t be solved with the content Cali and her team had already captured. The video was published with copy and a photo gallery (found here).

White Dave
Executive Produced by Ryan Coogler
Produced by Cali Green
Directed by Aaron Covington

Cali managed all planning, scheduling, and budgets needed to create this music video from the NBA 2K17 video game soundtrack. Location scouting in L.A., talent management, musicians, a stylist, make-up artists, several crew including the videographer/editor, catering, and photographers were all among her responsibilities, along with handling production schedules, location agreements, talent releases, and on-site execution.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: “Talking to Strangers” Pilot
Hosted by Hannibal Buress, Guest: Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson
Executive Produced by Cali Green

Cali executive produced this web series with comedian Hannibal Buress called “Talking To Strangers.” While doing it independently (with a shoestring budget and calling in favors), they shot a pilot with Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, an incredible guest to secure. With just this pilot alone, Cali pitched the web show to outlets and sites. It was first contracted by FUSE (where she secured guests and began writing for a contracted six episodes), and later by Funny or Die, before Hannibal’s schedule pulled him away from production in both instances.

BRANDED VIDEO PRODUCTION: Friends & Fam BK | social web
Executive produced by Cali Green

Cali was commissioned to create a sponsored event video recap at approximately one minute in length to share on social media. The recap served to promote future events (15-second edits were done for Instagram, as well). The video includes product sponsor J.R. Revelry Bourbon, featured tastefully in the finished video product. A freelance videographer/editor was hired to complete the project, with Cali overseeing the process of pre-production, on-site content capture, and footage editing.