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* CLICK TO RESERVE TICKETS! Shows: 5/15, 5/17, 5/18 * | Medical student Reese desperately hunts for the romance of her dreams while her “aunties” (key Black women throughout history and media) dissuade, distract and try to save her from love’s violent abandonment--something they all experienced, but something they did not all survive. BLANKS interrogates how intimate partner violence, intersectional patriarchy, and neglect affect Black women’s pursuit of romantic and filial love. It asks: if love conquers all, what happens when it conquers you?

artwork: Jonathan Robinson

artwork: Jonathan Robinson

  • Reese 
    Sweet. A dreamer. Very smart, very nervous. Loves hard, but is hard to get to know. She lives in her head, afraid to venture outside of it.

  • Iris
    Iris is Reese’s fellow medical school classmate. Third-eye open, she smudges every room she enters, is a believer in ancestors, and possesses instinctual knowledge. Brilliant. No one knows what to do with her.

  • Ruth
    Ruth Younger from A Raisin in the Sun, Walter Younger’s long suffering wife. Early 20s, but could be younger. Classy and demure, but has her limits.

  • Bessie Mears
    Late teens. Brown-skinned. Tough and bitter to hide her intense emotionality. Alcohol is her coping mechanism. Southern girl, hardened by 1940s Chicago. Known for being Bigger Thomas’ girlfriend.

  • Tilda Johnson
    Dr. Tilda Johnson aka Nightshade. One of Captain America’s foes (she turned him and Falcon into a werewolf!). A scientific genius, she is also very sexy. A tough Harlem girl who grew up in poverty and will do anything to prevent that from occurring again

  • Margaret/Leah Evans
    A young, but weathered soul. She is quiet, fierce, and not to be fucked with. Margaret Garner is renowned in history and media for killing her child rather than letting it return to a life as a slave, after a failed escape attempt. She is the basis for Beloved by Toni Morrison. Leah is a respected professor and medical researcher, fighting to remain in a white space that looks at her with distrust. ETHNICITY: African American, African Descent

  • Her Man
    Sharp jawbone, narrow waist. Perhaps he’s painfully beautiful and the whole room knows it. Perhaps he’s just average -- it doesn’t matter. He’s willing to do anything to get ahead and desperately pursues the best. He’s closed off, but not harsh or mean. Can thaw. ETHNICITY: African American, African Descent, Latino/Hispanic, Mixed Race

  • Narrator

Writer: Gethsemane Herron-Coward
Director: Tyler Thomas
Producer: Cali Green